the structure behind the design

The heavy burden of serving agricultural purposes and also maintaining the biodiversity that makes it a wetland resource that has a natural ambience. The structure of the basin takes a peculiar approach since it is designed to shoulder two operational processes and that is natural resource management and agricultural development through irrigated agriculture.

  1. Murray river

The Murray River is one of the three major suppliers of water to the basin. The river extends through a distance 2508 kilometers and is the longest river in Australia. It is a product of the Australian Alps and it flows gracefully to reach Lake Alexandrina. It provides the fresh water used for the irrigation practices and it is thus very important for the people who live in and around the areas.

  1. Darling river

The Darling River stands as third in Australia in terms of its length covering an extensive 1472 kilometers. It is the river that people mostly utilize in terms of getting irrigation water and maximizing on its potential. In the yesteryears, the quality of its water was top notch and this explains why people have preferred its use. This is the river that needs the most enhanced management and protection since its operation is highly dependent on the same and its survival is at risk if the measures will not be taken.

  1. Murrumbidgee

This river stands as the recognized feeder tributary for the Murray River. In this, the amount of water that it carries passes through a distance of 900 kilometers which indicates a major server area. This river is also at risk of running dry due to the sources being slowly eliminated and affected by climate change. This factor is reducing the flow of water by close to 50% which is making operation of the river difficult. The individuals who hold the water use rights are also failing to do the river any justice since with the continued use.

The Murray basin plays host to almost 40% of the agricultural farms that practice irrigation and production and this indicates that a big percentage of the population that does farming depends on its survival. With this aspect in mind, finding the appropriate control measure that will manage the environment and stand the basin in good stead to increase its production is what people should be looking at. This is because without the measures, the basin will be facing a real test of survival which it is most likely going to lose because of the continued misuse and over exploitation of the resource. The ability to find the right orientation of water use rights and control now manifests as the major approach that will surely aid the resource regain some of its natural aspects. This will in turn impact overall productivity. Increased productivity is a factor that now depends on the selfness nature of individuals and the capacity that will be attained in the bid to save the resource.